Open Jobs

Within Hacking-Lab there are three different teams responsible for the development and operation of the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range. The Platform Team is responsible for the development of the core application based on Java Spring-Boot with React. This is the web application that is being used by learners to access Hacking-Lab trainings or Capture-the-Flag competitions. The Challenge Team is responsible for providing the content and lessons of the trainings. They are constantly developing new cyber security and CTF challenges, mostly based on Docker, which the learners use as part of the HL training or CTF competition.


Platform Team

The Platform Team is looking for a senior full stack developer. You will work on the core application with the technology stack mentioned above. If you are interested in this position, please read more.

Challenge Team

The Challenge Team is looking for a challenge developer. As such, you create cyber security and capture-the-flag challenges. Furthermore, you will help learners and support them to pursue their career in cyber security. The task includes the creation of theory lessons, video material and training bundles. If you are interested in this position, please read more

Sales Team

The sales team is responsible for customer service. They take the needs of the customers and coordinate the provided trainings and CTF events. Unfortunately, there is currently no vacancy in the Sales Team. Maybe later... come back and see us again!